About Us

KGK & Company is a boutique consulting firm comprised of professionals with a passion for delivering services that make a distinctive, substantial, and lasting impact.

Kanhai Kapadia is Founder and CEO of KGK & Company.  As lead of all project proposal and execution efforts, each KGK & Company client benefits from his experience in designing and leading high-impact projects within sales, marketing, and service.  He has structured and led projects as ranging from short 1-week engagements to year-long initiatives requiring 15 consultants.  His industry experience is primarily within the following niches: Semiconductors, Software, Manufacturing, Insurance, Credit Union, Wealth Management, Healthcare Payers, and Business Services Firms. Clients particularly enjoy his ability to operate at multiple levels and communicate with candor, on one hand shaping C-level thinking and on the other helping to resolve execution-level problems.

As a small firm, we leverage an extended professional network yet are able to maintain high-quality client service.  We accomplish this by choosing to work with consultants that share our core values.  Below you will find more about our values and how they benefit you as a client.

Choose projects we believe will have a meaningful outcome for the client.

  1. Only propose on projects where we expect the client to receive meaningful value
  2. Only accept projects we can staff with appropriately trained professionals

Act as strategic business advisors.

  1. Make recommendations focused on maximizing tangible business outcomes
  2. Share best practices and experiences, but rely on concrete data and analytical approaches

Place client interests before our interests.

  1. Advise clients based on independent analysis and a focus on results, unmoved by the influences of internal stakeholders or 3rd parties
  2. Stay in-front of issues and risks, even if it reflects KGK’s mistake or otherwise upsets the project