What We Do

Implementing changes to customer-focused strategies often requires each functional area of an organization to pivot. KGK works with organizations to successfully make these changes and achieve real results. Continue reading to understand what we do.

Bring the future to life

Create a clear and compelling vision for the future. This vision becomes the foundation for confirming that solutions are reasonable and obtaining organizational commitment.

Enroll the right influencers

A simple stakeholder analysis uncovers the breadth of sponsors and influencers that must commit to the vision. Traditional management sponsors are an important starting point but influencers often lie across the organization. Many are highly respected individual contributors who are known catalysts for behavioral change.

Help individuals succeed

A common adage in change management says, “organizations don’t change, people do”. To achieve lasting results, individuals must behave differently. Identify the vital few behaviors that drive the most results, invest in coaching to develop individual capabilities, and build motivation through communication strategies that employ a two-way dialogue.

Deliver the value

Develop a transformation plan that realistically balances change to business process, roles, tools, technology, and data. As the initiative proceeds, a balanced scorecard will guide decision-making, maintaining focus on strategic objectives and envisioned results.

Enable sustainability

Marketplaces continuously evolve and adapting is crucial to sustainability. We make change sustainable by establishing feedback mechanisms for organizations to pursue continuous improvement of solutions.