Our Story

KGK & Company was formed in 2013 by Kanhai Kapadia.  This is both my personal experience as well as the story behind the company.

I’ve worked in CRM and growth strategies consulting for a number of years and its been both rewarding and left me desiring more.  Getting into consulting started as somewhat of an escape – I was working at an electronics manufacturer and the business climate was rocky.  Electronics is very cyclical and even in good times, commoditization and reduced demand eroded margins for many manufacturers (such as the ones I worked for).  Consulting was also an opportunity to explore – to leave Austin, TX where I had lived for a decade and move to Chicago, IL.

It turns out I was pretty darn good at consulting, getting promoted at an aggressive clip, respected by project teams and firm leaders, and in most cases sought after by clients.  But I found myself often unhappy with the due diligence behind projects.  It was too easy for firms to take projects that clients wanted to spend money on, even when early indicators predicted that costs would outweigh any benefits.  Both clients and project teams frequently failed to think critically about customer needs, underlying business problems and appropriate solutions.

My passion for entrepreneurship motivated me to create a consulting firm I could mold after my own desire to make a distinctive, substantial and lasting impact.  KGK & Company is starting with what we do best: helping companies become customer-centric, effectively use technology, and think strategically before making investments.  As you visit other pages in this site, this philosophy carries through and defines the services we offer, the projects we take, the people we will hire and the caliber of consulting we provide.