Data Obstacles

Are you pursuing the data quality problems and opportunities that matter most?

If you visit’s website for add-on applications ( and search for “data quality” the site returns 80 matches; many are great applications for profiling, cleaning, and correcting inaccuracies.  Our experience shows that while these tools do improve quality in some data sets, information critical to operations and decision-making remains neglected.  Ultimately, purchased solutions are impactful in some situations, however resolving quality issues within much of the organization’s most valuable data requires analysis and prioritization of pursuits to focus where benefits are greatest.

This assessment analyzes 5 fundamental questions that provide direction for where leaders should invest in solving data quality problems and advancing data consumption:

  • How is data used today?
  • What data quality issues do we have?
  • Which data quality issues should be the highest priority to resolve?
  • What solution options exist to resolve our highest priority issues?
  • Where may there be opportunities to advance data usage?

Benefits of this Assessment

  • Obtain a complete picture of the linkage between your data and business operation
  • Learn which data quality problems will add meaningful business value if addressed
  • Learn what opportunities exist to advance data consumption in your organization
  • Obtain a starting point and direction for taking action on high-priority data problems and opportunities
  • Identify data quality solution options not previously considered

Datasheet Download

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