Adoption and Value Delivery

How much value has CRM truly added to your business?

CRM initiatives can be tough to measure and incorrectly dubbed either success or failure based on early feedback from users.  Our experience shows that formally assessing the outcome of your Salesforce initiative provides a complete picture of project results that is difficult to form using only anecdotal feedback.  Furthermore, collecting data establishes objectivity and credibility to findings, which may otherwise be suspected of self-evaluation bias.

This assessment reviews your business case and project objectives, crafts an approach to measuring results, and collects information on both expected and unexpected outcomes that are both positive and negative.  Our findings are summarized into a presentation format appropriate for incorporating into board presentations.

Benefits of this Assessment

  • Uncover expected and unexpected outcomes
  • Receive data that supports continuing or discontinuing investment
  • Identify adoption issues or blind-spots to address before they impact initiative momentum
  • Receive recommendations on managing unexpected project situations and costs
  • Obtain feedback to incorporate into the roadmap

Datasheet Download

For information on our approach, deliverables and fixed-fee pricing download our datasheet for this assessment by completing the below form and clicking “Submit to Download”.  If your situation requires modification to this assessment, contact us to discuss customization to your needs.

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