Enhancement Practices

Are your Salesforce projects consistently successful?

System deployment philosophies can vary greatly, but regardless of methodology (e.g. Waterfall, Agile, etc.), some organizations consistently deliver high-value capabilities while others combat hit-or-miss success.  Our experience shows that project teams deliver consistently by actively fitting their chosen methodology to Salesforce.  This involves both tailoring the methodology to maximize the advantages of Salesforce and also replacing traditional controls in favor of those that are substantive; controls that eliminate prioritization bias and effectively mitigate both risks inherent with Salesforce and those that are project-specific.

Our Methodology & Governance assessment brings experience from dozens of Salesforce implementations to examine your approach to Salesforce-based capability deployment.  We analyze which success factors are most relevant to your organization and whether they have been appropriately incorporated into project methodology and program governance.

Benefits of this Assessment

  • Identify improvements that enable your team to consistently deliver successful projects
  • Receive recommendations to overcome existing frustrations with deployment methodology and program governance
  • Eliminate prioritization bias that misaligns projects and program objectives
  • Build project team self-confidence and a trusted ability to deliver

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For information on our approach, deliverables and fixed-fee pricing download our datasheet for this assessment by completing the below form and clicking “Submit to Download”.  If your situation requires modification to this assessment, contact us to discuss customization to your needs.

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