Team Development

Is your partially complete Salesforce team holding you back?

Even if you are accustomed to hiring experienced consultants, developing an internal team is critical if you intend to expand Salesforce -based capabilities.  Our experience shows that most organizations struggle to develop a team structure that appropriately leverages IT, operations, and business resources distributed throughout the organization.  Assembling a team is especially difficult in situations where team members must learn new skills to be fully productive in their role.  Many organizations react by applying trial-and-error approaches and continuously tweaking team structure.  This can prove confusing for the project team and conflict with management expectations for efficient, consistent execution.

Our Sustainable Salesforce Team assessment takes an organized approach to matching your needs with a team structure and skills that deliver reliable results.  We assess your capability needs and use our experience assembling successful Salesforce teams to identify gaps in overall team structure and individual skill sets.  Our recommendations are actionable – you will have the insights to coach your team through structural changes and individual learning curves.

Benefits of this Assessment

  • Invest confidently in building your Salesforce capabilities
  • Learn the core competencies and responsibilities of a functioning team
  • Identify gaps in the overall team to eliminate
  • Identify which team members are a best-fit for needed roles
  • Identify roles to fill with 3rd party resources
  • Accelerate team productivity

Datasheet Download

For information on our approach, deliverables and fixed-fee pricing download our datasheet for this assessment by completing the below form and clicking “Submit to Download”.  If your situation requires modification to this assessment, contact us to discuss customization to your needs.

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