Pursuing a customer experience strategy for revenue improvement is not a lighthearted endeavor. The changes required can be substantial, but companies that make well-planned investments have achieved significant financial results. Our strategy combines an understanding of experience low-points, your data (financial and sales), and strategic plans to identify:

  • A clear and compelling vision for your future customer experience
  • Alignment between customer experience and existing company and departmental strategies
  • Sources of financial results and how to measure them (e.g. Protected Revenue, Incremental Revenue, Customer Attrition, Channel Attribution, Lifetime Value, Cost Reduction)
  • A roadmap of projects showing high-level scope, estimated cost, expected outcomes, and how risks will be managed
  • ROI calculations, both conservative and optimistic

KGK uniquely prepares customer experience leaders with the quantified benefits of investing in customer experience, knowledge of the specific projects required, and the risks that must be managed.