Transforming Premier International from Lifestyle Business to Growth-Driven Data Services Leader

In this episode of “Hindsight,” host Kanhai Kapadia interviews Craig Wood, CEO of Premier International, about the company’s evolution from a lifestyle business to a growth-focused organization. They discuss Craig’s leadership journey, the history of Premier International, using EOS as a catalyst for growth, and finding harmony between private equity ownership and an employee-first culture.

TXI’s CEO on Evolving as a Leader and Building a More Resilient Business

Episode Overview About the Guest Mark Rickmeier is CEO of Table XI (now TXI), a digital consultancy that gives organizations a pragmatic, human-centered approach to strategy, design, and solution delivery. If you’re looking for a partner to close the gap between your digital ambitions and reality, learn more about TXI at Find Mark Rickmeier […]

Leading A Patient-Centric Physician Group With Dr. Donald Lurye

HST 12 | Physician Group Lead

Being a leader is difficult. Being a physician leader? Even more. Aside from taking care of your patients, you have to focus on your team and how standard procedures are done. You need to find people who are going into medicine for the right reasons. Join your host, Kanhai Kapadia, and his guest, experienced physician […]