Two management lessons from GE Power’s downfall

GE’s successes have taught the business world (myself included) a lot about strategic management and achieving greatness in business. Thanks to their recent performance shortfalls, the company now affords us the opportunity to learn important lessons about avoiding bad decisions. Having followed GE’s recent and precipitous performance drop, I couldn’t help but notice that when […]

Its Tough at the Top #2: Nurturing Uncertainty is the Best Way to Manage It

Every business experiences change that creates worrisome uncertainty: new innovations, new competitors, and shifting customer needs just to name a few examples. In our experience, leaders manage uncertainty in some predictable ways: Freeze from its implications Toss the hot potato Run from or ignore danger Nurture it with questions To be clear, we’re talking about […]

It’s Tough at the Top #1: Nurture those who speak truth to your power

If you’re new to this series, be sure to read our brief intro on what this series is about. Over the years, we’re found that regardless of your what your organizational chart suggests, leaders exist at all levels of an organization. In some cases, we even find no relation between title and leadership ability. The […]

Its Tough at the Top – Blog Series Intro

Welcome to the first in a series of articles for executives and business owners who have primary P&L responsibility and thereby share the unique and awesome burden of deciding on consequential matters, often without the benefit of complete information. Each post seeks to go beyond textbook advice, be written for easy readability, and will hopefully […]