KGK’s proprietary methodology enables fast discovery of investment-worthy improvement opportunities for your business, where acting on them will net you a minimum of 5x ROI. View our case studies to see the results KGK has delivered.


Our methodology is unique because of where we look for performance improvement opportunities and how we evaluate each opportunity’s ROI potential.

Find Your Known and Your Unknown Opportunities

Before a KGK assessment beings, we probe ownership’s overall objective and areas of concern. The assessment not only examines your concerns, but the inter-dependent set of matters which are related and must be addressed to achieve groundbreaking success. Further, we inspect your business across 10 key dimensions (listed below) where seated leaders are less likely to observe transformative improvement opportunities.

Strategic Issues

  1. Owner(s) Objectives and Strategic Planning
  2. Management, Organizational, and Cultural Alignment to Strategic Plan
  3. Competitive Environment and Company Response
  4. Clarity and Potency of Offering Value Proposition and Messaging
  5. Customer Segmentation, Target Market and Marketing Strategy

Operational Performance

  1. Business-Wide Reporting and Data Management
  2. Sales Competency, Pricing Policies and Pipeline Management
  3. Customer Profitability, Retention, and Lifetime Value
  4. Exploiting Digital and IT (Efficiency, Customer Experience, Strategic)
  5. Major Expense Benchmarking and Reduction Opportunities
Verifying Your ROI

Everyone loves speed, but it’s our confirmation of which performance improvement opportunities hold substantial ROI potential that makes KGK’s End-to-End Business Assessment a game-changer. Quite simply – our clients receive financially rationalized facts and data that provide them the confidence to do what they do best – take action. The below diagram outlines our unique approach to evaluating each improvement opportunity for its ROI potential.

Potential Improvement Opportunity Identified
Proven/Disproved with Data and Facts
Solution, Cost Estimate, Specific Benefits
P&L implications of improvements
Evaluate Improvement Opportunity ROI
Share Investment Worthy Opportunity with CEO

Delivering Results, Not Work

Execution is critical – its where you realize the performance improvements and capture the gains KGK’s assessment discovered. Our role in execution is being your partner in ensuring those gains are realized. Applying our extensive experience with execution, our battle-tested approach is as follows:

  1. Engineer a step-by-step roadmap: the work, deliverables, and success metrics
  2. Assemble the right team to execute: your staff, KGK resources, and appropriate third parties
  3. Customize our standardized toolset for project, risk, and communication management
  4. Drive "on time" execution with the emphasis on delivering the dollars promised