Interview with Rafi Yitzhaki, former CEO at GearXS, an online retailer and distributor

Rafi shares how he successfully achieved the “American Dream”, but also how a fast-growing business can topple when you minimize the things that aren’t working, ignore risk, and delay seeking help when you need it.  To learn about Rafi’s current endeavors and his life-saving product Hookey, check him out on Linkedin: Are you a […]

The Story Behind ”Hindsight”

In this brief prologue, Kanhai shares why he started ‘’Hindsight’’ and explains why it’s critical for his firm and business leaders everywhere to learn from the experiences of other CEOs. Are you a CEO, Owner or P&L leader with a story worth sharing?  I’d love to hear from you! Schedule a time for us to talk by clicking […]


Hindsight is not another show about the business world’s best success stories. It’s a podcast for CEOs and anyone who’s ever wanted to run a business, to hear compelling conversation about the gut-wrenching scenarios that other CEOs faced, the decisions they made, and what that they may have done differently now that they have the […]