Your Path To New Profits

KGK & Company is a strategic management consultancy for executives who believe their company has unrealized profits and need a partner with a proven approach for uncovering them and accelerating their capture.


All provided with the benefit of performance-based fees.

Why Middle-Market Executives Choose KGK.

Applying our proprietary PRISM™ toolset, we use your data and over 100 questions to detect unrealized revenue and profit opportunities across your entire business.  Typically, we uncover opportunities equal to at least 5x our fees, often considerably more.

Validate Which Opportunities Are Real and Matter Most.

PRISM™ cross-examines not only your data but all layers of information within your company in order to substantiate each profit opportunity and determine its size.

Get Everything To Capitalize On Opportunities Faster.

  • Solutions Your Team Embraces
  • A Roadmap to Move Forward
  • A Partner That Shares Accountability Via Performance-Based Fees

Receive Value, Guaranteed.

PRISM™ has proven itself time and again so if you’re not completely satisfied with the profit opportunities we discover, we’ll refund our fees.

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