COVID-19 Cashflow Scenario Analyzer (Complimentary Resource)

Have you really planned for what lies ahead?

Businesses impacted by the coronavirus-driven shutdown have already cut costs and are aggressively updating their plans to reflect their best guess of what will happen next. The central challenge, however, is that the length of this shutdown and how deeply it will affect your sales is uncertain. Now business leaders must proactively plan for more scenarios than any historical event experienced by the current generation of business leaders.

Get confidence your plan ensures a bright future, regardless of what scenario materializes.

As a supplement to a typical 13-week cash flow forecast, this resource provides a way to see your cash flow deficit if your sales decline is deeper or longer than expected. Further, it allows you to test whether your planned mitigations will adequately satisfy your cash needs or whether additional action is needed to protect your liquidity.

Receive the scenario planning support you need.

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