What Drives Us



Our Mission is to guide our clients to make better informed, and therefore far more effective strategic and tactical decisions which either make or save the company money.


Our Vision is to completely upend your perceptions of “what a consultancy is”, from a work-focused cost center to a results-delivering profit center.

Core Team

Our competencies are the sum of our team’s proven skills and experiences. Just as importantly, every consultant is trained to deliver client services the KGK way – to obsessively examine data and facts with the aim to unearth opportunities that improve your business performance.

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Kanhai Kapadia

Owner and Founder, Lead Business Consultant
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Jed Jacobs

Executive Business Consultant
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Kristin Daubert

Project Manager
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“If you’re searching for a wholeheartedly committed, speaking truth to
power, unique and highly productive consulting partner, you’ve found a fit
in KGK.”

High-Quality, On-Demand Scalability

Not only does KGK expand our capacity with on-demand expertise, we’ve perfected a process for assembling and leading top-notch execution. We source, on-board, and incentivize team members to focus execution on delivering the financial and strategic results you need.


Our ability to scale and execute critical business changes is just one more reason why KGK is praised as a preeminent consultancy for strategic and financially accountable action, and an “invisible force” behind our clients’ profitable growth.


Below is a sample of the execution work our clients trusted KGK to deliver:

Reporting on Which Customers Are Making / Losing MoneyActivity Based CostingEnterprise Data Audit
KPI ReportingPricing Optimization Analysis & Policy ModelingIT Harmonization (IT Strategy & Architecture)
Competency AssessmentCompetitive Assessment and StrategyPlatform / Application Decisions
Policy Alignment to Corporate StrategyMarket Assessment / SegmentationSystems Integration
Consultative Sales TrainingProduct / Service StrategyCRM / Optimization
Incentive PlansProduct, Service, Corporate Positioning / MessagingMarketing Cloud / Pardot
Communication and Knowledge Sharing PracticesMarketing Performance MeasurementData Visualization and Analytics Applications
Prospect and Customer ExperienceCustomer Experience Audit / Optimization
CRM OptimizationEnd-to-end Company Health Diagnostic
Transforming to Digital
Reporting on Which Customers Are Making / Losing Money
KPI Reporting
Competency Assessment
Policy Alignment to Corporate Strategy
Consultative Sales Training
Incentive Plans
Communication and Knowledge Sharing Practices
Prospect and Customer Experience
CRM Optimization
Transforming to Digital
Activity Based Costing
Pricing Optimization Analysis & Policy Modeling
Competitive Assessment and Strategy
Market Assessment / Segmentation
Product / Service Strategy
Product, Service, Corporate Positioning / Messaging
Marketing Performance Measurement
Customer Experience Audit / Optimization
End-to-end Company Health Diagnostic
Enterprise Data Audit
IT Harmonization (IT Strategy & Architecture)
Platform / Application Decisions
Systems Integration
CRM / Optimization
Marketing Cloud / Pardot
Data Visualization and Analytics Applications

Gain a fresh perspective on your situation, and deepen
what you know about the problems facing you.