What We Do

We uncover your company’s missed opportunities to maximize revenue and profit.  Then we team with you to deploy changes which deliver the measurable financial gains you seek.

Strategic Consulting You Can Afford


The vast majority of today’s consultants are solution providers whose primary skill is clarifying your needs and then delivering a solution to a problem you’ve identified for them, regardless of whether it ultimately delivers value or is the best use of your company’s resources.


KGK is different.  We’ve combined strategy, finance, operations, marketing, sales and IT competencies to first find your business’s missed revenue and profit opportunities.  Then we team with you to prioritize and deliver solutions that create value when and where your business needs them most.  If you’ve been searching for strategic and financially accountable consulting without the “big consulting” price tag, KGK is the consultancy you’re looking for.


To learn how KGK achieves this, read about PRISM, KGK’s innovative tool for uncovering your company’s strategic and tactical opportunities to maximize both revenue and profit.


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Assessment Output

Implementing Solutions and Change that Improves Performance