Even successful companies
have hidden profit

We created PRISM to
uncover them for you.

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PRISM is the ultimate profit mining machine

Leveraging an innovative combination of analytics and analysis, PRISM has proven to uncover between 5 and 15 opportunities that yield 10-20% or more in client profit enhancement.

“I had high expectations, but I was simply blown away by what KGK uncovered with PRISM.”

John R., CEO, $150M Professional Services Company

PRISM delivers a comprehensive picture of your unrealized profit opportunities and the solutions for capitalizing on them.

PRISM mines both what you already know and what remains hidden.

Built on over 50 years of profit discovery know-how, PRISM systematically probes all your information layers in order to uncover where your unrealized opportunities exist.

PRISM pinpoints attainable solutions and their point-of-value.

The best approach for capitalizing on your opportunities is not always obvious, so PRISM carefully identifies solutions that deliver the right outcomes and determines the metrics for measuring actual gains.

  • Organizational Fit

    Tailored to how you operate today.

  • Opportunity Focused

    Focused on extracting your unrealized profits.

  • Validated ROI

    Optimized for your time-to-value and ROI objectives.

PRISM delivers a whole-company view of your profit opportunities.

Guided by your priorities, PRISM searches all facets of your business to uncover opportunities ranging from easily-captured tactical gains to untapped market opportunities with game-changing upside.

Productivity Enhancements

Unnecessary Waste

Efficiency Enhancements

More Effective Revenue Generation

Market-Facing and Competitive Opportunities

Your Partner for Generating Results

Backed by the accountability of performance-based fees, KGK provides the hands-on support you need to capitalize on what PRISM discovers. Browse our work to see the high-impact results KGK delivers.

You work hard to grow your business.

Learn How PRISM gets you the rewards you deserve for it.