Unlock Your Company’s True Earnings Potential

Our PRISM™ Business Review pinpoints opportunities to accelerate revenue and profit by 20% or more.

  • Overcome Frustrations

  • Boost Profitability

  • Increase Alignment

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How much are unknowns costing you?

Most businesses are leaving revenue and profit on the table. While it’s easy to spot outright mistakes, every organization accumulates a gray area of “OK” behaviors and practices that, over time, sap financial results and threaten the health of your business.


Does this sound familiar?


  •  You’re frustrated by the current pace of revenue or earnings growth

  •  You have a mountain of data but no clear answers

  •  You worry you’re throwing money away on ineffective “solutions”

  •  You suspect the information you have is incomplete or biased

  •  You get pulled into day-to-day matters your team should be able to handle

“I had high expectations, but I was simply blown away by what KGK uncovered with PRISM.”


− John R., CEO, $150M Professional Services Company

Better information, better results

Our proprietary PRISM™ Business Review pinpoints significant ways to increase revenue and profit that align with your objectives, business realities, and company ethos. We help you create a more aligned and profitable business.

  • Define the Problem

    Not only do we objectively examine your strategic choices and operational functions, but we also analyze how they interact with one another in order to provide a complete picture of what is holding back your company’s performance. 

  • Get Answers Faster

    With a systematic approach for tapping into all of your organization’s data and knowledge, we’re able to deeply examine your business and deliver valuable recommendations within 30 days.

  • Enjoy Proven Results

    We disprove alternate theories that undermine team alignment and substantiate which solutions will deliver the greatest returns — financially and strategically.

Everything matters. Some things just matter more. 

Cause-and-effect in a business gets complicated. Much like diagnosing a health problem, you must identify the root causes of each symptom before determining the best course of action. 


Our Approach


  •  Review the whole business

      Objectively diagnose the real issues affecting performance


  •  Ask and answer the hard questions

      We know what to ask and use an evidence-based approach to produce credible answers


  •  Rely on facts, not “expertise”

      We know what to ask and use an evidence-based approach to produce credible answers

Where can you be making more informed, more profitable choices?