Unlock Your Company's True Earnings Potential

Our PRISMTM business review pinpoints opportunities to accelerate revenue and profit by 20% or more.

How much are unknowns costing you?

Every business leaves revenue and profit on the table somewhere.  While it’s easy to spot outright mistakes, every organization accumulates a large gray area of “OK” strategies and practices that, over time, sap financial results and threaten the health of your business.

Does one of these sound familiar?

  • Your business is “doing fine”, but you’re unsure of the best path to growing earnings and valuation
  • Your business is “struggling” and you’re frustrated by hit-or-miss efforts to generate revenue and sustain margins
  • Your business is “thriving”, but you worry that significant change is needed in order to sustain growth

Better Information, Better Results.

Our proprietary PRISMTM Business Review pinpoints significant ways to increase revenue and profit that align with your objectives, business realities, and company ethos.  We help you avoid low-return traps and create a more aligned and profitable business.

Define the Problems

We objectively examine how your strategic choices, end-to-end operation, and financial results affect one another in order to provide a complete picture of who and what will overcome your frustrations.

Get Answers Faster

With a systematic approach for tapping into all of your organization’s data and knowledge, we’re able to deeply examine your business and deliver recommendations within 30 days.

Enjoy Proven Results

We disprove alternate theories that undermine team alignment and substantiate which solutions will deliver the greatest returns – financially and strategically.

Everything Matters.
Some Things Just Matter More.

Cause and effect in a business gets complicated. Much like diagnosing a health problem, you must identify all symptoms and their root causes before determining the best course of action.

Our Approach:

  • Examine the whole business

Objectively diagnose the most important issues affecting performance.

  • Ask and answer the hard questions

Unearth both the issues you’re aware of and those you have overlooked.

  • Rely on facts, not “expertise”

All findings are substantiated and quantified, so ROI is clear before you spend a dime on solutions.

Don’t Make Million-Dollar Decisions Without All The Facts.

Ideal For Ambitious Middle
Market Companies

Consistently delivering a 5 to 10x return on your investment, we are proud to be the fast-emerging partner for middle market businesses needing consulting that is worth more than its cost.

Complimentary Live Webinar for P&L Leaders

How to find your company's best path to earnings growth.

Join the webinar to learn the same methods our PRISMTM Business Review uses to pinpoint improvements that accelerate a company’s revenue and profit growth by 10-20%, often more.

Why attend:

Join for a webinar designed to engage, stimulate your mind, and deliver useful takeaways!  Attendees will learn:
  • How to comprehensively identify their company’s issues and opportunities
  • The right mindset for leveraging your company’s data
  • The 5 answers that lead executives to more profitable decisions

Who should attend:

CEOs, Owners, Presidents and P&L executives across all business functions.

Your host:

Kanhai Kapadia

President and Chief Analyst

KGK & Company

Join Us
Wednesday, July 7th
11-12 PM CST

Can't Make the Date?

Registrants receive access to a webinar recording and invitations to future live sessions.