Unearth and exploit

your company’s

hidden opportunities

to generate revenue and profit.

KGK is the strategic growth and profit improvement consultancy for privately-held middle-market businesses.

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PRISM Business Assessment


Our innovative tool for uncovering your company’s missed opportunities to maximize revenue and profit.

Our Work


Stories of clients who profited from our 50+ years of management experience and insights gained from more than 100 clients.

Reversing the Deterioration of a Cash Cow

A Professional Services Company generating annual revenue of $140M

Exploiting Data to Drive Greater Revenue and Profits

A Multi-Location Elective Medical Practice generating annual revenue of $12M

Transforming a Company from Made in America to Profitably Made in America

A Tool & Die Manufacturer generating annual revenue of $18M

Generating Steep Rewards through Intelligent Pricing and Sales Effectiveness

Capital Machine Manufacturer generating $250M in revenue

Let’s find your company’s undetected opportunities to maximize revenue and profit.


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