Value Creation

Who We Are

Seasoned P&L leaders, analytics experts, and strategic change agents who practice accountability for delivering measurable financial value, each time we engage.

What We Do

Diagnostics, strategy, and change management that is informed by an end-to-end grasp of what drives your company’s revenue and profit, why (or why not), and which actions best capitalize on that knowledge. 

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Our Mission

To give owners and leaders we admire a way to make more informed, more profitable decisions that create value for shareholders and the people working toward their objectives.

“KGK & Company has increased the productivity
and profitability across so many aspects of this company.”

President and COO, Brite, 6-time Inc. 5000 winner

Are You Capitalizing on Your Company's Data?

In a recent survey*, 77% of finance and accounting leaders reported not having the data and analytics they need to uncover new sources of value.  This means most leaders lack visibility to issues which may not be problematic on a day-to-day basis (examples below), but which often have stunning effects on company performance.

*HFS Research, published September 2022

Strategic Answers

  • Unfocused growth strategy
  • Weak value proposition
  • Unconfirmed assumptions
  • Competitive response
  • Unmet customer needs

Profit Opportunities

  • Unprofitable customers or offerings
  • Commercial policies
  • Organizational behavior
  • Automation
  • Pricing and discounting practices

Revenue Accelerators

  • Value Proposition
  • Sales process
  • Marking strategy performance
  • Leadership and management
  • Uplift opportunities

The KGK Way

The KGK Way is our proprietary approach for pinpointing your company’s profit opportunities and our “secret” to how we can guarantee strategic and financially sound action. It’s made possible by integrating over 60 years of strategic P&L management expertise, systems thinking about how cause-and-effect works in a business, and a scientific approach to the raw data inside your company.

Pinpoint Your Opportunities

Our analytics use raw data from your systems to identify financially consequential issues and opportunities.

High-ROI Solutions

Combining our operating experience with deeper cost / benefit visibility, the KGK Way guides more productive and less disruptive action.

For Wins

We continuously monitor and update clients on their realized and projected ROI, guiding our collective efforts to deliver the financial wins we promise.

How We Work


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