Stel Valavanis On Facing Competition By Developing Your Own Cybersecurity Platform

With the rise of the Internet and cryptocurrency, cybersecurity has become more important. Competition between cybersecurity providers is heating up and you have to differentiate yourself. Listen to the Founder and President of onShore Security, Stel Valavanis. Stel has been in the cybersecurity industry for over 30 years, even before the boom of the Internet. […]

A Unique Approach To Career Development and Leadership With Margaret Mueller

Learning how to become obsolete to your job now may be the reason why you’ll sit in a higher position in the future. In this episode, Kahnai Kapadia sits down with Margaret Mueller, President of The Executive’s Club Of Chicago and Shapiro+Raj research firm, to talk about her personal story of transitioning from the academe to business and things she’s […]

Leading A Patient-Centric Physician Group With Dr. Donald Lurye

Being a leader is difficult. Being a physician leader? Even more. Aside from taking care of your patients, you have to focus on your team and how standard procedures are done. You need to find people who are going into medicine for the right reasons. Join your host, Kanhai Kapadia, and his guest, experienced physician […]

Interview with Mike Briggs, President & CEO of Little Friends, former President & COO of MooreCo, former President of Bretford Manufacturing

In this episode, hear Mike Briggs share tips and strategies on developing a successful product, expanding into new markets, and continuously improving in the wake of competition. To learn more about Mike, follow him via the links below: Website (Little Friends): LinkedIn: Twitter (Little Friends): Are you a CEO, Owner or P&L leader with a […]

Interview with David Mooney, former CEO of Alliant Credit Union

In this episode, hear how David Mooney led the eighth largest credit union in the United States through a digital-first approach while maintaining a competitive advantage on human capital. To learn more about David, follow him via the links below: Website (Alliant Credit Union):  LinkedIn: Are you a CEO, Owner or P&L leader with a […]

Interview with Ben Goldberg, Founder & CEO of SalesGig, former CEO of CareerBuilder Employement Screening, former President of Aurico, former Managing Partner at StratEx

In this episode, hear Ben Goldberg share his story of growth through continuous improvement, selling his business to CareerBuilder, and successfully leveraging the resources of an acquirer. To learn more about Ben, follow him via the links below: Website (SalesGig): LinkedIn: Are you a CEO, Owner or P&L leader with a story worth sharing? I’d […]

Interview with Justin Smith, President & COO at Brite, an IT services & cybersecurity company

In this episode, hear Justin Smith share his experiences on shaping the perfect team, minimizing financial risk during uncertain times, and how profit is instrumental to revenue growth. To learn more about Justin and how Brite makes IT work: Website (Brite): LinkedIn:  Twitter: Are you a CEO, Owner or P&L leader with a story worth […]

Interview with Devin Johnson, CEO of Linkedin lead gen company Kennected

In this episode, hear 23 year-old CEO Devin Johnson talk about the importance of understanding your “why”, checking your ego to keep a clear mind, and lessons for profitably growing a Saas business from the start (master digital marketing, harness culture, give customers the education they need to succeed, don’t buy customers). To learn about […]