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Why We Give

KGK was founded on the belief that consultants should practice accountability for their client generating a measurable financial return from their work.  We’ve learned that in order to deliver that result, accountability must begin from the moment we first meet.

How It Works

Prior to our meeting, we invest a day analyzing your business using the The KGK Way’s diagnostic techniques, however we rely on publicly available information about your company: apparent growth rate, who your customer is, your value proposition, product and service offerings, marketing activity, messaging, leadership team and more.

What To Expect

In a 60-90 minute confidential meeting, we highlight what appear to be your company’s commercial strengths and how you might further leverage them. We’ll also share our theories of where there may lie opportunities for your business to increase revenue, profit and its future success. 

Naturally our observations reflect a fraction of what we unearth when engaged, but our insights never fail to ignite conversation, demonstrate the value we can provide, and create one of those rare moments when you get to speak about your business with an objective 3rd party who has the business savvy to view your business from end-to-end perspective.

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