What We Do

We uncover your company’s missed opportunities to maximize revenue and profit.  Then we team with you to deploy changes which deliver the measurable financial gains you seek.

PRISM Business Assessment


The PRISM assessment, named after its primary outputs, is a tool for P&L leaders which provides a comprehensive picture of a company’s opportunities to increase revenue, productivity and profit. Our recommendations are typically a series of real-world solutions which equate to our client receiving a positive financial benefit of 10x (or more) the PRISM assessment’s fees.


One client’s reaction to their PRISM assessment describes it best:


“The final report was a bit shocking but financially proved where my company was leaking money…” -Linda C., COO, $62M Manufacturing Business


The PRISM assessment provides a company the following:



P&L pain points.

Using company data, we comprehensively examine the business to identify revenue and profit enhancement opportunities.  Every company, over time, unwittingly builds inefficiencies and policies which become a drag on both profitably and revenue.


Root causes of each pain point.

We examine possible strategic and operational root causes of the P&L pain points. As we prove or disprove our theories, all conclusions are substantiated with evidence and analysis.


Impact of each root cause.

Most P&L improvement opportunities have multiple root causes. Quantifying the P&L impact of each root cause, typically in terms of unrealized revenue and profit as well as identifying the strategic benefits of addressing the problem provides important guidance for solution selection and prioritization.


Solutions and their ROI potential.

Leveraging operational knowledge gained during root cause analysis, we identify situationally appropriate solutions and model their costs and benefits to arrive at a realistic ROI forecast.  

Map of solutions to achieve business goals.

Presentation of assessment findings along with supporting substantiation enables company management to validate our conclusions and prioritize solutions based on their desired outcomes. A roadmap reflecting solutions to implement, investment requirements and ROI milestones is the PRISM assessment’s final output.


Peer mentoring organizations, business advisory, and single-issue assessments have targeted benefits however they lack the comprehensive breadth, depth, and substantiation that the PRISM assessment provides, and which executives need in order to consistently deliver return-on-investment.


To learn more about PRISM and whether it will serve your needs, contact us.

Execution Support and Oversight

At the conclusion of a PRISM assessment, clients frequently choose to leverage our deep knowledge of their company and authentic focus on client success.  We help you put the right people and structure in place and then keep the project on track by problem-solving with a focus on results delivery.

Business Advisory

KGK’s offers a unique blend of analytical and leadership capability.  When combined with in-depth knowledge of your business, afforded by a PRISM assessment, it makes us an ideal partner for providing advisory on management decisions and organizational change.