The KGK Way

The KGK Way, depicted here in 3-steps, is proven to deliver ROI within 6 months and a 10x (or more) return over the effective life of our work,

Give You an End-to-end, Data-Driven Analysis of What Drives Revenue and Profit.

How We Help

The vast majority of companies wish they had more knowledge of what drives both their revenue and profit. They often have bits and pieces of information, but a lack of comprehensive visibility leaves even a seasoned executive to guess how their company can most profitably operate and grow.

What We Deliver

Our analytics search the raw data within your company’s systems for fact patterns, typically uncovering 10-20 areas where there are indications of a material opportunity to add value.

Key Benefits

Unearth Revenue Opportunities

Use our analytics to pinpoint both sales effectiveness optimizations as well as adjacent products, services, and markets.

Find Unprofitable Activity

Identify pockets of lower-profit or no-profit business for further root cause analysis.

Get Experience and Objectivity

Overcome disparate data and competing beliefs using an end-to-end review that sticks to the facts.
“Most of my company’s data was incorrect, buried elsewhere, or not captured. I was making key decisions on garbage data. Kanhai and his team created “permanent fix” solutions. I now have a dashboard of all the KPI’s I need, and can trust. I’m very impressed by KGK’s strategic insights and easy to understand solutions. I’ll more than triple my investment over the next 2 years.”
Tim M., CEO, $50M Professional Services Company

Validate Why and Which Actions Best Capitalize On That Knowledge.

Why Its Essential

Savvy executives often have theories for what is causing flagging results or might deliver new revenue, but guesswork often wastes time, money, and personal capital on the wrong course of action. Most leaders know this, but face a common conundrum: the best people to generate answers are company executives who are busy with their ongoing operational responsibilities.

What We Deliver

Our proprietary 120-question questionnaire efficiently probes the many success factors (see diagram) which are proven to affect revenue, profit, and the valuation of a businesses.  Our questions efficiently collect what you already know, while simultaneously cross-examining factors you may have overlooked.

Ultimately all the findings we present are supported by further analysis of  your raw data, not by experience alone.  Similarly all recommendations are support by analysis of what will deliver the most attractive ROI in your situation rather than because they are conceptual “industry best-practices”.

Key Benefits

Increase Reinvestment Return

By identifying and quantifying what will positively impact performance, we empower a shift from prioritizing your most visible issues to those that will provide the greatest return on your time and money.

Discover Potent Alternatives

Clarifying root causes and their financial impact often leads to action that is more targeted, more productive and less disruptive.

Strengthen Organizational Buy-in

By justifying your strategic decisions with concrete facts, you’ll cast a more compelling vision and garner higher organizational confidence in the path forward.

Partner to Deliver Strategic and Financially Measurable Wins.

Why Its Essential

Its “lonely at the top” if you run a business: few others are able to consider how cause-and-effect works across all of your enterprise’s moving parts and ultimately affects revenue, profit, and the organization’s future health.

What We Deliver

KGK’s capabilities are continuously expanding, but over time we’ve learned that irrespective of our deliverables, the likelihood we deliver ROI increases dramatically when we practice 3 fundamental management principles: Be Purposeful.  Be Informed.  Be Accountable.

The proof lies in our guarantee, which mirrors the accountabilities of those who run a business, making it a bit less “lonely at the top”.

We guarantee your business generates a net financial return on our joint endeavors, inclusive of our fees and the cost of your time.

Key Benefits

Gain a Partner That Knows Your Business

When you work with KGK to execute our recommendations, you benefit from KGK’s accumulated knowledge of your objectives, issues and opportunities, and which actions are substantiated to deliver the greatest value.

Go Forward Faster

Fill your critical execution gaps by leveraging our expertise with Data, FP&A, Strategy, Sales, Operations, IT, and Change Management.

Get Accountability for Results, Not Just Action

By reporting the financial value of our efforts as a standard practice, you gain a partner focused not only on action, but action that delivers a return on your time and money.
“As a higher education institution which operates in all US states and several international jurisdictions, we face a uniquely complex compliance responsibility. Instead of hiring a leading compliance expert, we chose KGK to evaluate what we should do to efficiently manage work. Their ability to evaluate what investment is worthwhile and maintain oversight of execution until we saw results was truly impressive and the best we’ve ever found.”

Melissa R., VP Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, $2.5B Higher Education Corporation

Ready for a partner who makes you money?