Every KGK engagement makes or saves you money.

We find the strategic and tactical issues which are your largest obstacles and turn them into additional revenue and profit for your growth and stability.

Whether your business has annual revenue of $10M or $500M, more than likely it has the potential to grow multiples under your leadership, both in revenue and EBITDA.


The CEOs that do achieve these results, are the few who routinely reexamine all the company’s moving pieces (both internal and market-facing) and select focused initiatives which are calculated to deliver the highest strategic and financial ROI.


Most CEOs know this, but lack the resources to fully appraise their business and frankly, a management team who is singularly focused on the agenda of ownership. KGK & Company provides clients the objective 3rd party assessment which one of our clients described as, “a bit shocking, but financially proved where my company was leaking (or in one instance hemorrhaging) money. In just 2 fiscal years, we added a full 5.4 points to EBITDA.”

Strategic Performance Assessment

KGK’s assessments dig deep into your objectives and performance to uncover improvement opportunities that seated leaders frequently “do not see”, and “do not look for” during the normal course of operating their business. For each such opportunity, we provide:

  • Why its necessary (expect all applicable data and facts on the strategic and financial rationale)
  • Solution recommendations and cost estimates
  • Calculation of the strategic and financial ROI the solution will deliver

Our proprietary methodology not only delivers fast insights, it provides a high-ROI roadmap where action will net your company a minimum of 5x ROI.

Implementing Solutions and Changes That Net You 5x or Greater ROI

Execution is a core capability of KGK and we are able to scale-up and manage an execution team of 20 staff (yours and/or ours) to deliver on a wide variety of needs – from competitor research and incentive plan design to systems integration and email marketing. You’ll love having us as your one point of accountability and as a partner who sources the ever-increasing specialty skills needed to deliver the quality results you demand.