More Profitable Revenue and Growth.

KGK’s services are designed around what mid-size business owners and executives tell us they need: experience driven questions and ideas, bulletproof analysis that guides the right decisions, and solutions with guaranteed ROI.


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End-to-End Business Assessment


Get facts on who and what drives (or doesn’t) your revenue and profit.


“Your Who”

“Your What”


•  Products & services

•  Market segments

•  Features, benefits, and unserved needs

 Departments & employees

•  Marketing and sales activity

  Leadership & core values

•  Business processes & policies


•  Data, systems, and infrastructure


By configuring our assessment to your company, we deliver:


  • A business-wide view of who and what is making or costing you the most money

  • Data and facts which prove our findings and “why” each facet makes or loses money

  • Solution options with calculated ROI and non-financial benefits


Let KGK’s fact-based findings give you the confidence to command a path forward.

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Strategic Planning: Performance and Growth

Applying our knowledge of your goals and what is making or costing you money, we build your plan to:


  • Maximize earnings from current revenue

  • Capture optimal market share for current products and services

  • Launch new markets, products, or services


 Put KGK’s profitable growth mindset to work for you.

Solution and Results Delivery

Like a fiduciary, when you hire KGK to lead execution, we take responsibility for delivering guaranteed ROI.