Accelerating Analytics8’s Growth by Being Focused and Being Bold

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David Fussichen is the CEO of Analytics8, a data analytics consulting firm which combines expertise with data, business problem-solving, and technology to provide clients the full breadth of capabilities that are required to transform into a smarter, data-driven organization. If you’re looking for a sounding board on how to accelerate your efforts to leverage data, learn about Analytics8’s Data Strategy Session by going to and clicking the “Data Strategy Session” button.

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In this episode, David shares how Analytics8 began and how the company is thriving in the fast-evolving analytics industry by combining increasingly deeper business and technology capabilities.

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00:00 The genesis of Analytics8
7:07 David’s definition of hiring “good people” and the value of diversity
17:17 The Analytics8 value proposition
21:24 Discussing the evolution of the analytics market
24:04 The company’s strategy to double sales
27:31 Past lessons on the importance of calculated, focused growth
35:27 Strategies that are helping scale service delivery
41:52 David shares some tougher moments of building the right team
47:07 Pressing David for hindsight yields more insight
53:03 Circling back to discuss the future role of technology partners and business expertise


Strategic management insight within the guest’s hindsight:

Value Proposition Clarity A clear understanding of your customer and the value you intend to deliver affects what the type of customers, technology partners, revenue, people, competencies, practices, and more which an organization must prioritize in order to grow sustainably and profitably.
Validating growth assumptions While uncertainty is ever present, evaluating key assumptions related to the company’s growth plans prevents unnecessary waste of time and money on unsuccessful endeavors.
Prioritizing Profitable Revenue Focusing on more profitable revenue doesn’t prevent growth, it accelerates it by making more productive use of the organization’s capacity.
Be Focused and Be Bold Being focused allows an organization to deploy its finite resources to more boldly execute where the opportunity is greatest.
Knowledge and Capability Development In addition to a company’s primary business unit definitions and reporting structure (e.g. by technology solution), explicitly defining the additional dimensions of necessary subject matter expertise allows an organization to systematically scale its depth and breadth of knowledge in a way that supports revenue expansion.
Diversity Hiring people with different backgrounds introduces different know-how, which in turn creates value for clients and thereby the company.


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