Mining the Strategic Management Experiences of Career Business Operator and Entrepreneur Bob Redd

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Bob Redd is CEO of 4 businesses to which he brings deep expertise and operational competence: strategic consultancy and holding company FatSpan Inc., technology solution provider DC WebTech LLC, Credit Union digital marketing specialist Get Digital CU, and senior home exchange platform Senior Home Xchange. To learn more more about each company, visit them online:

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00:45 Bob’s seminal business and leadership experiences
13:00 Strategies and tactics employed as a GM at Schlumberger
21:10 Offloading underperforming business units
25:21 Restructuring as a catalyst to improving company culture
35:55 Hard lessons as a new business owner
39:45 How shared objectives resulted in relationships that transcended union contract
41:18 Using data to unravel operational chaos
42:25 What successful transformation looks
46:15 Reflecting on the importance of fit


  1. The cognitive flexibility of leaders to reframe their thinking as their environment changes is an essential characteristic of high-performing leadership.
  2. Organizational buy-in affects the speed of execution and results delivery.
  3. Confidence in leadership affects the organization’s ability to engage, retain, and maximize employee productivity.
  4. Investing in learning objectives which are priorities for both employee and employer enables growth that exceeds what obligations and incentives alone can accomplish.
  5. A person having both the abilities and desire for a role are prerequisites to successful performance.
  6. The strength of a bilateral value proposition between a company and its trade partners (e.g. a channel partner) affects productivity and durability.
  7. Retaining a line of business which seems “fine”, but which underperforms relative to the overall growth and earnings objectives of a company will consume valuable resources which could otherwise be invested in acquiring higher value business.
  8. Optimizing transfer pricing and tax implications have a material effect on net income.


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